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Beautiful, sustainable and functional objects, made by japanese craftsmen to embellish your daily life.

Anniversary Offer
170 years of Fujiki Denshiro Shoten
a gift is offered for every 50 euros of purchase on Denshiro products from September 1st to November 30th

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Presentation of our craftsmen

 Maison Matsusakamomen (Coton Matsusaka)

C’est dans la deuxième moitié du cinquième siècle que les techniques de tissage appelées "AYAHATORI" et "KUREHATORI" ont été développées dans la ville de Matsusaka ; aujourd’hui, ces techniques sont considérées comme un trésor national. Matsusaka est devenu un centre très important au Japon pour la production de tissu en raison de l'introduction de ces nouvelles technologies.

Place mat

This is an accessory that will bring a natural and elegant touch to your table. The simple traditional Japanese striped pattern blends perfectly with the oriental or occidental style, making this set easy to use. Available in five different designs, this place mat can also be placed on furniture to decorate and carry decorative objects.

AchiKochi, Here and there

AchiKochi (pronounced "atchi kotchi" and meaning "here and there"), is a "select shop" that imports products made by its Japanese craftsmen spread throughout Japan. These beautiful products are all handmade, of exceptional quality, functional, and made in the respect of traditions often more than a hundred years.

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